Pramoninės įrangos remontas

For cafes

Coffee machines, ice cream generators, mixers, cocktails, sandwich grills, microwaves, gastronomy cutters, counter ovens, dough rolls.


Meat choppers, bone saws, refrigerator chambers, mincers, meat grinders, sterilizers, dishwashers, dishwashers, conveyor systems.

For shops

Refrigerated showcases, convection ovens, hot showcases, access controls, air conditioners.

We work to keep your work running smoothly

We are a new start-up company operating all over Lithuania and having agents in London. Our professional and friendly craftsmen are knowledgeable in their work, and affordable for small and large users alike. 



There is nothing that cannot be repaired, so our technicians will take care of your equipment.

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Are you creating a new cafe, bar, or other office, and want to upgrade your old equipment? We'll be happy to help you get started.


We will advise and assist you in purchasing the equipment you are interested in.

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Want to upgrade or break old equipment, interested in other issues? Together we will try to resolve the issues.